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COVID-19 Remote Work Survey

COVID-19 Remote Work Survey

Many organizations are continuing to face challenges and opportunities due to the unprecedented situation brought on by COVID-19. Inturvey's COVID-19 Remote Work Survey can help your clients as they strive to make the best decisions about how to move forward.

The challenges of the last year have offered a unique opportunity for insights into how your clients' companies react and communicate during unprecedented situations, their employees’ reactions to remote work, and the overall engagement of their employees through times of change and uncertainty.

At this time, Inturvey is offering low-cost COVID-19 Remote Work Surveys and reports for our partners to use with their clients. This offer includes:

  • A survey evaluating employees’ perceptions of COVID-19, remote work, and employee engagement

  • Tailoring of the survey so that it fits your clients' needs

  • A detailed report on your clients results and a couple of suggested actions that they can take to improve

  • A phone consultation to review the survey and results with you and your clients

Please contact us so we can discuss how to best tailor this survey for your clients. We look forward to hearing from you!

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