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At Inturvey, our focus is creating validated surveys based on best practices and the latest research in the field - so we revisit our surveys every year to incorporate the latest developments in research.

Why add surveys to your business?

Even if your services and prices are superior to others, there is a chance you will miss out on potential clients simply because you have not taken advantage of the opportunity to add surveys. Surveys allow everyone in your client's organization to voice their opinions and share their experiences - surveys are a vital first step for any meaningful change within an organization. However, any old generic survey will not suffice. You need surveys grounded in the latest research and best practice to really benefit your business and your clients.  Whether you are new to offering surveys or you have been doing it for years, we'd love to talk more about how we can support your organization.

Surveys Benefit Clients – Wouldn’t it be nice if clients could use surveys to benchmark their existing state and really see improvements as time progresses?  A survey ultimately helps your clients in a new and important way, setting the stage for consulting, coaching, workshops, and other services to boost diversity, inclusion, retention, engagement, and more.

Growth of Services – Offer surveys and you will find that it is much easier for clients to quickly determine where your help is most necessary.  As an added bonus, surveys will make it that much easier to communicate and show your company’s unique value offering.


A Revenue Boost – Every business can benefit from a hike in revenue.  You will retain a percentage of survey revenue, helping your business all the more.


What the

Experts Say

This partnership allows us to provide clients with baseline data to assess opportunities in improving their current DEI efforts.  The assessment, paired with our 12 point framework, strengthens their business and fosters inclusion within the workplace and marketplace.
Sacha Thompson
CEO & Founder of the  Equity Equation
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Inturvey implements the research-practitioner model to ensure their surveys are psychometrically sound.  They are a great resource for any firm!
Dr. Kizzy M. Dominguez, KPC
CEO of KPC, AmPar, & AdultFluent
As someone who advises corporate leaders on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues every day, I’m really impressed by Inturvey’s Diversity & Inclusion survey.  
Selena Rezvani

Business Partnerships

  • We partner with organizations that provide training, consulting, coaching, and workshops, along with additional related services, and are looking to implement a survey or receive support for a survey that is already in use

  • Our team will work with yours to brand communication, surveys, and reports for your clients and their employees, so every company you do business with enjoys a seamless experience with your brand

  • Our charge is a reasonable percentage of the revenue stemming from the survey, with our partners retaining a fair share of the revenue as well

  • Setup costs are non-existent - nor do you have to worry about annual fees or other hidden costs.  Lean on our team to establish a partnership along with brand content.  You have nothing to lose but a little bit of time, in the event that you don’t use the survey


Implement one of our current surveys, such as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion survey, Engagement survey, Retention survey, Covid-19 survey, or Remote Work survey


Our team will custom tailor surveys for your nuanced services.  We work directly with partners to generate the idiosyncratic surveys necessary for their unique business


Our team can support your existing surveys with the survey platform, data collection, data analysis, and customized reports needed for your specific business

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