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Add Surveys to Your Client Offerings

Are you a firm that offers consulting, workshops, coaching, or training? Have you considered offering surveys? Surveys are a vital first step to bring meaningful change to your clients - they allow each employee in the organization to voice their opinion and share their experiences. Surveys also give you data to make decisions about how to best impact your clients. Your clients can use the survey results to benchmark their current state and see where they need your help to improve. Whether your firm is new to offering surveys or you have been doing this for years, we’d love to talk more about how we can support you.

Do you already offer surveys, but would be interested in support with data collection, data analysis, report creation, and more? 

Benefits of Using Surveys

Advantages for Clients – Clients can use surveys to benchmark their existing state and measure improvements from your work. A survey helps your clients in a new and important way, setting the stage for consulting, coaching, workshops, and other services.

Growth of Services – Offer surveys and you will find that it is much easier for clients to quickly determine where your help is most necessary.  As an added bonus, surveys will make it that much easier to communicate and show your company’s unique value offering.


A Revenue Boost – Every business can benefit from a hike in revenue.  You will retain a percentage of survey revenue, helping your business all the more.

Business Colleagues
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Business Partnerships

  • We partner with organizations that provide training, consulting, coaching, workshops, or related services, and are looking to implement a survey or receive support for an existing survey

  • Everything will be branded with your company colors and logo, so your clients can enjoy a seamless experience with your brand

  • Our charge is a percentage of the revenue stemming from the survey, with our partners retaining a share of the revenue as well

  • Setup costs are non-existent - nor do you have to worry about annual fees or other hidden costs. You have nothing to lose but a little bit of time, in the event that you don’t use the survey

What the Experts Say -

"As someone who advises corporate leaders on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues every day, I’m really impressed by Inturvey’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion survey.  Inturvey has developed a timely, comprehensive tool for organizations to improve their commitment and actions, increasing belonging for all."
Selena Rezvani



Implement one of our surveys, such as our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Stay Survey, or Remote Work Survey

Survey Support

Our experienced team can support your existing  surveys with the survey platform, data collection, data analysis, and customized reports needed for your specific business

Data Analysis

Our experienced team can assist with your projects by completing data cleaning, quantitative analyses, qualitative analyses, and answering client questions about the analyses completed.

We're excited to partner with you!
Reach out today to learn more.

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