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Provide Surveys for Your Clients

Partner with us to add surveys to your business services. You and your clients will be glad you did!

A Branded Experience


We will brand the survey platform, survey, and report with your logo and brand - providing a seamless client experience. Your clients will barely notice that they're working with an additional company.

Not only will you retain a portion of the survey revenue, but your clients will be able to use the survey results to pinpoint where they need your help, and will return year after year to take the survey and hear about your latest offerings.

No Risk

Same as you, we will not receive any revenue from this partnership until one of your clients chooses to use the survey. We do not have set-up fees, yearly fees, or hidden costs. The only risk is the investment of your time - and the potential benefits are limitless!

Additional Revenue


Reach out to us to schedule a call so we can discuss if our surveys are a good fit for you and your clients! After this call, we will share our survey report, survey items, and a survey link so you can experience the survey for yourself. 


We will work with you to incorporate your brand into a survey and report created specifically for your company. We'll also share marketing materials that you can use to announce this exciting partnership to your clients!


When a client reaches out to you to schedule a survey, you will sign a contract with the client, connect them with us, and we'll get to work. We will keep you in the loop as we work with the client to smart tailor the survey, send internal communication content, and coordinate sharing of the survey with employees. 


We will send the survey to your client's employees (usually through email, but we can use other methods). We recommend a two week window for employees to take the survey. We will send several reminders to employees to increase participation and we have a dedicated team member who will answer employee questions and help with any technical issues.

A new perk! - you and your client will receive a link to a participation dashboard that will provide real-time updates on the number of employees completing the survey.


Once employees have completed the survey, our team will delve into the analysis phase, sifting through the data to provide important, meaningful information for you and your clients.


After the data has been analyzed and your branded report has been generated, we will create recommended action items for your client to take, based on their results and grounded in research. No client is ever perfect and there's always room for improvement. These action items will draw upon your services (where pertinent) and will provide a groundwork for you to move forward with next steps for your client - whether it's training, coaching, workshops, or consulting work. Your client will easily understand and be able to justify using your other services to all stakeholders, thanks to the data provided by this survey.


After we send you the report to share with your client, our team will be available to meet with you and the client to answer any and all questions. We'll never leave you high and dry, we're available for additional questions and analyses anytime!

We're excited to partner with you!
Reach out today to learn more.

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