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5 Reasons to Add a Survey to Your Consulting Business

As a consultant, you provide the skilled outside perspective that companies need to make changes and improve their business. However, this outside perspective can sometimes be difficult to communicate. How do you express to the leadership team the concerns employees have about burnout, equity, compensation, and communication, when leadership feels that everything is going great? How do you demonstrate where money needs to be redistributed in a budget when a company is used to doing things a certain way? How do you show your clients all the great progress that has been made in projects that take a long time to implement? These questions may represent complex situations that you’re currently experiencing with your clients, and adding surveys to your consulting business could be instrumental in how you communicate with your client, demonstrate progress, and grow your own business.

1) Surveys give everyone a voice

It’s difficult to get a clear picture of where a company is without hearing from all the employees that make up that company. Surveys are the most inclusive way to start your process. Surveys engage everyone by allowing all employees to be a part of the process and share their experiences and opinions in a safe and anonymous context. Seeing the company’s results will help the leadership team, and you, see what issues are having the greatest effect on employees in order to best prioritize the work ahead.

2) Surveys create a benchmark

It’s hard to know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you started. Beginning your consulting work with a survey will give your client the ability to benchmark exactly where their starting point is and be able to measure improvements going forward by re-administering the survey.

3) Surveys showcase your results

Surveys generate data, and data talks. In addition to sharing your professional opinion on the changes that have taken place, you can share concrete numbers like the percent of employees who now agree with a certain policy compared to before, or the percentage change of employees considering leaving the organization. Having objective facts and figures can help with attaining buy-in from key members of the organization who have the power to approve next steps and keep improvements moving forward.

4) Surveys help your consulting business

As a business consultant, you are in the unique position of helping other businesses thrive while also having to ensure the health and growth of your own business. Providing surveys can identify areas in need of consulting, enabling you to potentially expand your services to that client through coaching, workshops, training, or other services you provide. After helping a client make changes, surveys allow you to objectively demonstrate to your client how your changes are helping their company. This can help to create lasting business partnerships by improving communication and fostering trust. Furthermore, being able to more effectively demonstrate your company’s work will add credibility when pitching your services to potential new clients.

5) Enjoy a risk-free process

We want you to feel totally comfortable with your decision to partner with Inturvey for your survey needs. Because of this, we work from a no-risk policy and do not charge set-up fees for our surveys. We are only paid when your client chooses to implement the survey. Not only that, but you will retain a portion of the survey revenue! At Inturvey, we appreciate the work you do in helping your clients to be the best they can be, and we hope to be able to do the same for you.

Please contact us or read through the information on Business Partnerships on our website for more information on what a partnership with Inturvey would look like and the benefits this would provide to both you and your clients.

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