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  • Writer's pictureKristen Curran | Creative Consultant

Is your organization using the same survey that you’ve used for the past 5-10 years?

Here’s why it’s time to breathe some fresh life into your surveys.

First of all, good job staying consistent. Even when talking about updating surveys, consistency is key. One of the great benefits to doing an organization-wide survey regularly is being able to compare results from year to year. This can show how you are improving, how things have changed in your company, and it keeps tabs on those factors you always want to be tracking. When we talk about updating surveys, we don’t mean creating a new survey from scratch. An updated survey will keep the bones of the original survey the same, but add or subtract a section here or there, introduce an updated way of measuring a certain factor, or begin to measure a new topic that has been shown to be important.

An updated survey will reflect how your company, your employees, and society change over time. Attention to vital areas like diversity, psychological safety, and risk-taking have grown in the past few years and are becoming action items for many companies. Maybe your company is now largely remote or on a hybrid schedule, and you’re looking for ways to track factors related to working from home. Maybe your survey reflects old goals or projects that are no longer relevant questions to your company or employees. Whatever the situation is for your specific field and company, be sure that your survey questions reflect what you want to know and what changes you want to make in the foreseeable future. When you can demonstrate that you value employees’ opinions and want to put their thoughts into action, it is helpful for both employee morale and engagement.

Keep in mind that scientific research is always evolving. Every year, psychologists and business experts conduct new studies related to human behavior specific to work and business, and publish their results. Areas we once thought were separate may turn out to have an important relationship and vice versa. There may be better ways to measure different factors or new, exciting areas that should be measured. For example, to get a good understanding of how engaged employees feel at their company, it is important to understand what factors relate to employees feeling engaged and how best to measure each of these different factors. You can keep up with these improvements to yield the best, most accurate results, while still comparing results from year to year.

Having an updated, refreshed survey: Creating well-researched, expert-reviewed, validated surveys with corresponding action items is our passion. At Inturvey, we revisit our surveys every year to incorporate the latest research and important trends in the field. Our changes always retain the data you want to compare on an annual basis to help analyze trends and developments at your company. Most other companies that do survey development would call this above and beyond, but we consider updating survey content to be essential for ensuring that you are getting the best quality data at the right time. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in keeping your surveys up to date.


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